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When a person is experiencing domestic violence, they often feel isolated and powerless.

“I had no say in my children’s life, I had no say in my life, I had to run everything by him, even to take a bathroom break.”

Alone, fearful and hurting, individuals and families who can’t endure the abuse any longer take a brave first step: they ask for help.


At Rainbow Services, we are dedicated to helping survivors of violence reconnect with themselves, their loved ones, and their communities. Through our trauma-informed programs, survivors are empowered to make their own choices for themselves and their families.

Our goal is not only to offer immediate safety to survivors and their children, but also foster long-term stability, so they can have the healthy, nurturing relationships that they deserve.

Rainbow Services is committed to ending violence in families, our homes and our communities.  We welcome community members to join us by participating in Rainbow’s advocacy, education and training programs.

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Rainbow Services is committed to helping all domestic violence survivors, regardless of gender or sexual identity, sexual orientation, number of children, citizenship status, or other factors that might limit their access to safety and assistance. All services are offered in English and Spanish, and translation/interpretation for other languages is available as needed. Our shelter, transitional housing, and community resource center is accessible to people with physical disabilities.