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Do you know of:

  •  ◦ A group of teens or tweens that might benefit from a program on “Healthy Relationships?”
  •  ◦ A club or organization that would like to learn about “Relationship Violence?”
  •  ◦ A business that could benefit from information about the economic impact of domestic violence?
  •  ◦ A service organization that would like to hear about how to help victims of intimate partner violence?
  •  ◦ A school that would like to include “Building Healthy Relationships” in their health curriculum?
  •  ◦ A PTA that would welcome a program on “Elements of Healthy Relationships for Growing Children?”
  •  ◦ Or any other group of individuals – any age – that might want to learn more about the issue of domestic violence…

Please call Judy Gordon 424-264-0641 or email

Rainbow Services is committed to helping all domestic violence survivors, regardless of gender or sexual identity, sexual orientation, number of children, citizenship status, or other issue that might limit their access to safety and assistance. All services are offered in English and Spanish, and translation/interpretation for other languages is available as needed.