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At Rainbow, we use innovative practices to design programs that meet the needs of survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence. We also advocate for laws, policies and practices which protect the rights of survivors and ensure access to economic, legal and housing resources that can help them not just survive, but thrive.


Survivor-Centered & Trauma-Informed Care (TIC)

TIC’s focus is on survivor choice.  We support survivors to choose the services which are right for them and encourage them to participate in the programs that are the best fit for their needs and the needs of their family.

What is Trauma? Forms of Trauma? (
Trauma Informed Approach (

Due to the trauma they’ve experienced, survivors often find it challenging to deal with the complicated criminal justice system, legal services, or social services. Our case managers help survivors identify their goals, organize documentation they’ll need, schedule appointments, and gain confidence as they advocate for themselves.

“Words cannot express the gratitude I have for all the help you have given to me, kindness when I needed the most and all the support and knowledge I have gained. For helping women, men, and children begin to grow, be happy, secure and prosper once again”

Housing First

Rainbow Services is piloting a Housing First program in Los Angeles to address the needs of survivors who want support to build a life free from abuse and violence, but may not want or need to enter emergency shelter.

Many people choose to stay in abusive homes because they are dependent on their abusive partner for housing, especially if they have children. The Domestic Violence Housing First approach focuses on getting survivors of domestic violence into stable housing as quickly as possible and then providing the necessary support as they rebuild their lives.

As part of Housing First, a Rainbow Services advocate helps families to increase their housing safety and stability, including in-depth safety planning, rental assistance, and support to locate and move into safe affordable housing.

Rainbow Services is committed to helping all domestic violence survivors, regardless of gender or sexual identity, sexual orientation, number of children, citizenship status, or other factors that might limit their access to safety and assistance. All services are offered in English and Spanish, and translation/interpretation for other languages is available as needed.