What We Do

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We Are Here To Help

We have two shelters, a 30-day emergency shelter called Rainbow House and a transitional shelter where you and your children may remain for up to one year called Villa Paloma. We also have counseling, case management, parenting classes, life-skills classes, and several Children's Programs.

You don’t have to go it alone, if you, or someone you know, needs help, give us a call.

24-Hour English/Spanish Hotline:(310) 547-9343
Main Office:(310) 548-5450


Children’s Program

Children’s Program

Our Children’s Enrichment Program is designed to help children recover from family violence during a critical stage of development in their lives, and to help families stabilize. The program consists of age-appropriate children’s activities, such as arts and crafts, reading and language development, math games, learning the alphabet and colors, and educational computer time. This program promotes healthy growth and development, non-violent social skills, and positive learning experiences in a safe, supportive setting. We offer this program in support of our other comprehensive services for domestic violence victims, such as shelter, legal advocacy, and counseling.

The goal of the Children’s Enrichment Program is to help children develop personal and social competence; become effective learners; show physical and motor competence; and be safe and healthy. The program is available to all children in Rainbow’s 30-day emergency shelter, one-year transitional housing program, and our ongoing outreach center program. While Rainbow serves children between ages 0 and 18, most are ages 12 and younger.

Rainbow’s Child Enrichment Program includes:

  • Child Activities: Rainbow Services plans and facilitates individual and group activities for children in the 30-day emergency shelter, one-year transitional housing, and ongoing outreach center programs. Activities are based on a written enrichment curriculum, and include activities such as arts and crafts, reading and language development, math games, learning the alphabet and colors, and educational computer time. Child Care Workers help to implement the activities. Rainbow provides all activities in Spanish and English, as required. Each activity is documented so we can better assist the children served.

  • Developmental Observation and Assessment: Rainbow Services conducts a development observation and assessment for the children in our one-year transitional housing program. We observe and assess progress using age-specific developmental milestones established by the California Department of Education – Child Development Division. We identify and document developmental strengths and areas to work on. The assessment includes one-on-one feedback and training for the non-battering parent on how to support each child’s learning and development at home, such as reading together and encouraging positive sibling interaction. The observation and assessment is documented so we can better assist the children served.

As part of our enrichment activities, art workshops are being planned for children affected by domestic violence.

Community Connections

Community Connections

Rainbow Services is part of a much larger and collaborative effort among many social service agencies working to protect and heal all families suffering from domestic violence. As part of that effort Rainbow Services actively participates in several local domestic violence initiatives such as the City of Los Angeles’ Domestic Violence Task Force and the County of Los Angeles’ Domestic Violence Council.

At the state level, Rainbow’s Executive Director is on the board for California’s Domestic Violence Coalition – California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (CPEDV)

At the national level, Rainbow participates with both:
The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) and The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)

If you need more information about other social services available in Los Angeles County, please dial “211” or you may access their information online at www.infoline-la.org.

If you are interested in having someone from Rainbow come and speak to your organization please contact Judy Gordon, Director of Outreach and Volunteers either by calling her at (310) 548-5450 x 107 or by Email.



At Rainbow Services, our mission is to end the cycle of family violence. The primary task of our Outreach Program, first and foremost, is to help victims survive and be safe.

The process usually begins with a phone call to our 24-hour English/Spanish hotline. We respond to approximately 400 calls per month. Specially trained to handle domestic abuse calls, our staff helps assess each situation and provide valuable support.

Rainbow Services’ outreach program provides help to women and children in a community-based, non-shelter setting and is our largest program. Working with women and children healing from various stages of family violence, Rainbow provides:

  • Counseling (individual and group)
  • Case management
  • Legal advocacy
  • Children’s enrichment programs

Through these support services, Rainbow provides help, hope and encouragement so women and children can build safe, stable lives free of violence.

Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter

Women and children escaping from domestic violence can be housed at our Rainbow House Emergency Shelter. Clients come to Rainbow with little more than the clothes on their backs and we help them start a new life.

Here they receive meals, clothing, health exams, counseling (individual and group), case management, legal advocacy, and court accompaniment. Clients also get valuable information and education to help them with their transition from an abusive situation to a life free from violence.

Our goal in the shelter program is to provide immediate safety and support services that contribute to each victim’s long-term safety and well-being. We provide the following direct services:

  • Shelter, food, and clothing—45 days of shelter at a confidential location; daily nutritious meals; clothing assistance; free laundry facilities; soap, shampoo, diapers;
  • Health and wellness services—on-site health screenings by a Registered Nurse; prevention and care for common ailments; health education workshops; referrals to hospitals and clinics;
  • Counseling—crisis intervention; personal safety planning; individual and group counseling; education on the cycle of violence; parenting support; art and play therapy;
  • Case management—economic empowerment; housing search assistance; referrals for free legal services for restraining orders and other legal matters; referrals to schools and job training/placement centers; assistance with applications for the victims of crime compensation program and temporary public assistance for needy families;
  • Children’s enrichment -- age-appropriate activities such as arts and crafts, learning the alphabet, puzzles, math activities, educational computer time, language development, and circle games while mothers participate in counseling and case management services.

Transitional Shelter

Transitional Shelter

Through our Villa Paloma Transitional Shelter, Rainbow Services provides transitional housing for longer-term safety and assistance for women and children after they exit a domestic violence emergency shelter.

As women work to secure economic resources and permanent housing, Rainbow offers up to 12 months of supportive housing, counseling, case management, health and wellness services, and children’s enrichment. These services include helping women take practical steps toward economic independence, including:

  • Assistance identifying educational/employment goals;
  • Referrals to local schools and job training/placement centers;
  • Assistance applying to the State of CA Victim of Crime Compensation Program, which provides up to $2,000 for relocation;
  • Assistance applying to CalWorks, which provides temporary public assistance to needy families, including monthly income and one-time move-in costs for a new apartment;
  • Housing search assistance and coaching on landlord expectations; and
  • Life skills classes on topics such as household budgets, banking, local educational opportunities, and employment search.

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