March-April Training Now Closed

The March/April training is filled and now closed to registration.  The next training will be held in September/October.  Please check the website in mid-June for information about dates.

Just a reminder that this training is for working with victims of domestic violence. It is not the training for the batterer intervention programs. Everyone who completes the course will receive a certificate needed to work or volunteer at a domestic violence shelter agency.

The course includes but is not limited to:

  • An overview of domestic violence
  • LGBTQ issues in Domestic Violence
  • Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence
  • Legal issues
  • Housing/Public Assistance/hotline
  • Domestic Violence and Disabilities
  • Trauma Informed Services
  • Survivor options
  • Effect of domestic violence on children
  • Abusive teen relationships
  • Cultural Competency
  • Self-Care

For further information please email Judy Gordon:

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